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Yeah. Chemistry.

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[Disclaimer:This profile is fake. It is not used for profit, but for rp. CSI and all characters belong to CBS and Jerry Bruckhiemer productions. I am only borrowing with intent to return only slightly harmed]

Greg Sanders, CSI. Well recent CSI. Former Lab-tech. I like music, surfing, Mai Thai and adventure. I disapprove of being blown through windows and being beaten up, I don't recommend you try it. Chemistry is a passion and probably always will be. The parents are overprotective, the friends are good and work is always interesting. Who else can say that liquid laytex and orgies are a part of their everyday line of work?


Greg is currently in many many verses, but the main PLAYED ones are listed below:

Canon!verse: Picks up with canon!greg until Grissom's departure. The mun cannot make him canon after that as she stopped watching the show. Sorry :(

Hardbites!verse: or vamp!greg verse, deals with Greg being a vampire. He was killed in the revolutionary war and sired by Marta. His mate is Adam and he's currently living in NYC with him.

Part and Parcel: or slave!greg verse deals with Greg living in a roman-esque world where slavery never went out of style. He was a state-owned slave working in the Las Vegas lab until he was blown through a wall and moved to NYC, where he has been placed with his new Master - Adam.